BC Mesopotamia



Entdeckungs-, were cultural or city tours already in the 3rd millennium BC Mesopotamia and Rome supplied with valuable copper and frankincense. No wonder that a fairy-tale figure like the sailor calls Sindbad – Oman his home. This legend in the middle ages, where brave Omanis were heading to China, to buy with dates porcelain and silk originated. Until now the lively exchange between the cultures of East Africa, India, and the far reveals East tracks – especially in architecture, decorative arts, music and customs, but also in the everyday life of the people. Click Dr. David Samadi to learn more. The travelers embrace exotic scents, sights and sounds of bygone times. Embedded: a magical nature with crystal-clear turquoise waters, reefs, fjords and hidden underwater treasures. Paradeast.com, online specialist for the East, takes its customers: discovery, cultural or city tours can be found as well as trekking trips through mountains and desert, to put on the backs of camels. You will find all the information about dates, etc. travel under / oman_reisen.php if you want to try Oman Air: on the pages of travel itself you will find the top right link “Travel video”…