NET Environment



Tips on decorating modern spacious if we have a very wide space by experience we recommend using unevenness in the floor. We will teach you an environment that was decorated in this way. The because of the drop-offs, no doubt that with this type of decoration that achieve is converting this environment in a unique space subdivided into a mosaic of areas. This means that this environment will consist with several features and currently in the modern decor is often used, mainly in loft-style homes. With these dealings in the same environment get give each region a specific function, be, dining room, bedroom, relaxation area, etc. Example of decoration that we transmitted them then they may observe different remarcados spaces but without any walls that separate them.

This space has a bedroom, a desk, two areas of conversation and dining room. In the case of the desktop, access to the same will find a gap, so we there ambientaremos with elements and furniture that they characterize it. To the place where we gather we will choose in this decor modern by achieving the level high and wide. For the furniture we selected a set of white tables and upholstered in white modules. To maintain harmony and warmth, we chose group a group of bulky armchairs upholstered in black leather around the tables. These contrasting perfectly with the color of the walls of the environment that we have chosen for this case, brick Fort a tone very warm and used today.

Course, with cutouts of openings and furniture in white color is just great subtlety. Along with modern decoration, dining room will sever them having chosen a cabinet save enough height and preferably with acrylic doors. The beautiful is that the bedroom is integrated into the environment, we divide it only using slopes. At the same we will use the conjugation of the same colors, white and black in everything that has to do with upholstery, blankets, and other. Volumes, curves, straight lines in decoration in this case We will introduce a way to decorate authentic and lively. Here we will be alternating very NET geometric shapes have achieving an environment noted for its harmony and vibration. Being the touch of distinction will be given by the predominant curves in the zone where we will locate the seats. I.e. these chairs upholstered in brown corduroy cherry, compose a great continuous Ribbon of very comfortable modules. Along with modern decoration, for all this together, the entire floor of the environment will have a reddish beige moquette. One of the curves of these chairs will be backing a slope that will serve to place drinks. As for the bedroom we get it with straight volumes arranged in a game of angles of 90 and 45. The most striking of this environment will be the large mirror that we will place using wall located behind the bed and the continuous wall. This mirror will be in the form of fringe, mimicking a large window over the bedroom. We will create the dining room in a corner to be also on an elevated surface. Here Another modern decor used, this dining room will be in round, by what paperwork with a table with glass round and metallic structure. Chairs that accompany are Cescas. The important thing in this corner is that everything must have a circular shape so nothing is out of step.