Aromatherapy Massage



Aromatherapy massage is meant by the art of healing with essential oils pomoschm. Evaporated in the air essential oil + light massage (again, using the essential oil) produces a wonderful effect! This effect is people have noticed long ago. For example, in VIII-IX centuries the vapors of essential oils were treated with a migraine. At the physiological level aromatherapy massage can restore emotional and mental balance, impaired stress or depression. Under most conditions Cleveland Clinic would agree. The whole secret of the amazing properties of essential oils! Some oils (eg peppermint oil) have uspokaivayushim effect, others (such as citrus oils) have a refreshing and invigorating effects, others (for example, rose oil) help to focus and so on. The effects described above are used extremely effectively in various types of massage. For example, the use of essential oils – an integral part anti-cellulite massage. Technique Aromatherapy massage in many ways similar to the technique of classical massage, except for intensity and performed the massage movements. Often aromatherapy session Massage is accompanied by pleasant music.