Anchor Texts



The traffic is the most important in this business and the hardest to get that all they want. But with little tricks and strategies you can get. The links some of the strategies we can use to gain traffic but how, as I will explain. Links: This is the way to announce and formally drastically on any page that is not yours. It put the link of your page in another person. As for examples on pages of publishers articles. How to do: To make it easier to explain it as an example of an article. Example: The Dominican Republic is a beautiful tourist island with great beaches and beautiful places.

The owner of this article can from this island. What you have to do is to highlight the keyword you want to drive to your page and paste the link of the address to your own website in the keyword, and give people clicking on the underlined word will direct you to the page yours. Without the need to write the address of your page in the Web browser. These texts are also recognized as anchor texts. The anchor text is the same as the links but with another name. This is a way to earn extra money as you want for that to win you have to have a traffic traffic interested in what you offer and that is the key to winning this business online and earn extra money they did not plan to get. I'll be back and I repeat that the key to this business is the traffic without traffic there is nothing but a traffic have to be concerned for you.