There is no doubt that inventions every day is getting better. Since the color TV until today we have some very surprising. And in the field of beauty is no exception. Who would think about having a product designed exclusively to remove the brightness of the face?. Well, that it is possible for some years. If you are not convinced, visit Dean Ornish M.D. Many people still are unaware of the anti-glare. Lamellae are linen, but they seem almost paper is paper, the material is linen and has a soft rice powder which is the essential ingredient to eliminate not only the brightness of your face but also the dirt. I have tried several brands but really only one has convinced me not only because it is affordable and the amount of product offering, quality is what convinced me.

Men and women have that pesky problem of brightness in the face in the area known as T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Women in particular this article would interest them because they are the most concerned about their appearance. Although there are also men that we like this kind of things I like to watch my appearance and therefore the use and for that reason some of my branded a metrosexual. Well do not blame them because it's only a matter of good habits and personal care to every one who takes. When we build up the brightness so we can remove using one, two or three slips of these (depending on the amount of brightness in our face) and for women is not only highly recommend them for all the benefits it brings (removes dirt shine and help us to conserve moisture, prevent acne and skin irritation) but also gives us a feeling of freshness.

We can use these pieces of paper two or three times per day depending on what we produce brightness Stat. Women can use makeup while without fear that they pull the makeup or the muddy because they are designed only to absorb the brightness, but we have to push on the area bright and ready (be careful with this, just press and rub) , we'll be stuck there in the paper. You can visit the product that the Watsons brand commented on the blog and following see photos of it:. Until next time.