If you have an artistic sense and a mind willing to venture to places that illustrate architectural marvels, a vacation in Madrid may be the best experience. The capital of Spain, Madrid is situated in the Iberian Peninsula and is inhabited by about 9 million people. Most advisable when planning a trip to Madrid is a travel guide and take into account the climate of the city at the time. The climatic conditions in Madrid are very extreme during the summers and winters. Follow others, such as The Greater New York Construction User Council , and add to your knowledge base. Therefore, the ideal is to travel to Madrid in the spring since the climate is conducive to sightseeing and enjoy the city. However, remember that you need to plan your daily activities. The architecture of the city shows many modern structures but Madrid remains a city of many historic buildings. Due to the high spirit of celebration among locals, the nightlife of the city is very hectic, Madrid is flooded with clubs and bars, so you can be sure to find one near anywhere. Shifts within Madrid are more convenient to perform them on train and taxi that will take you to any destination easily public.