Tips For Patients: What Dental Materials Matters



Ceramic looks lifelike, smokers need to clean especially well composite natural and beautiful. Body-compatible. Long shelf life. Everyone is special needs teeth and dentures. This is also the right way,”confirmed perfect dentures (KpZ) Board of Trustees. The materials finally remain in the mouth and affect the quality of life while eating and speaking.” KpZ expert Professor Jurgen Geis Gamal in this post explains what patients when choosing their dentures can look, why dentures made of ceramic by real teeth is almost indistinguishable and what role play, metals and plastics. All-ceramics to titanium which materials are used when many factors depends on: by finding the dentist, the scope of supply, the aesthetic demands and also by the cost. Dentures becomes part of the body.

And that for many years. Therefore each patient should his expectations formulate clear, thus in conversation with the dentist the best solution is found,”says Geis Gamal, who is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ and forwards to the University of Tubingen medical materials science and technology at the Center for dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery section for many years. Patients in each case can rely on: materials used in German dental laboratories, all are CE approved. This means that the materials used have undergone by law precisely defined tests. In essence but also, it is crucial that they are properly processed in the master laboratory. Ceramics: indistinguishable from natural teeth is about aesthetics, are modern full ceramics at the front. They mimic the natural shine of the enamel and are indistinguishable from your own teeth by the expert.

At the same time, full ceramic is biocompatible, so is well tolerated by the body and is suitable for allergy patients. The zirconium oxide ceramic is very high quality. Originally used in space travel technology, holds strong today also zirconium oxide Chewing forces in the mouth was: proven manufacturing processes make them as stable and resilient that she can withstand even nocturnal teeth grinding.