The First



That night, when they were left alone, Alex told Mabel that she had to talk to her. I was excited and scared. Much was what he had to say and above all they were too strong and important things. He told her everything that happened until the day that had to leave England. Breast cancer has firm opinions on the matter. Before each word of the story, he was studying the reaction of Mabel. He was so afraid that she let him! Rather than a gesture of rejection, Mabel received more sweet and sympathetic smile he had seen ever, who with an affectionate gesture, said to him:-Alex, from the first day I saw you I knew that behind that charming smile hid a great sadness. I have ease of guessing when a person needs help. It is like a gift that accompanies me since my childhood.

My heart could see your great sorrow. I think that this was the cause for which I accepted your invitation. When time passed and our relationship grew, he always hoped that one day you decide to tell me what caused you so much pain. Said me to myself that I had to be patient. That should not rush the situation. That the day that you felt you couldn’t do it, would you do it.

As far as I can see, today is that day. I’m glad that you’ve finally encouraged. It must have been very difficult for you, since you’ve waited so long. I have to confess that when you did not want to talk about your parents I thought that you had had a childhood of abuse and mistreatment. I regret having thought so of them but it was the only thing that occurred to me when you so strictly negabas to talk about that topic-. -Don’t know how to thank you your words love mine – said to him as he watched with tenderness and admiration to Mabel.