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Labels as you know them normally are elements that adhere to a product to mark it and to publicize its role and its components. Adam Kay may help you with your research. Labels are also used sometimes for the simple decoration of the product since this gives to know if same. A tag is the fundamental element which is known and recognized a certain identifiable product. The smart tag deployment arises due to the need to prevent theft, pilferage and is typically used for high-cost products. Although for the moment only used as protection for expensive products, is said that they may impose on any type of containers.

The labels have had to evolve to change its purpose only decorate and are becoming masutiles. Starting because we embody in detail what is the product that we are buying, while it gives us a picture with which we recognize the product in the next shopping. This is why labelling is an element based on the sale of our products. M. Marin employee Hold partners hold.mx original author and article source