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Better World

There are two post offices that regularly visit. One is the office that offered to my mail and the other is often in the way of their daily lives. Many times, actually detour to visit this particular post office … why? The postmistress is an exceptional human being. Her name is Karyn, but she explains it … and has a name plate …

as Care'n! I have no need to relate the rest of this story. But here are some observations. Care'n is warm, friendly, professional, open, honest and, as is so often the case to give the right of action, excellent at what he does! When there is a waiting line for service, no one complains … because the atmosphere is so warm and generous. And when his tour of duty, are greeted with a welcome, sincere fast and efficient service and a bright, beautiful smile. She loves to be helpful and go to great lengths to accommodate customers. Customers arrive there with the correct change to make life easier Care'n.

Customers in some post offices wait to get to the counter to complete forms or, sometimes, even the adjustment packages … not Care'n's office! Everyone there wants to be as useful as it is for them! So everyone has the Spirit to have your mail ready for it. She cares deeply for each other that has become his name, his beliefs and his devotion. She brings the dignity of his job and does it not only efficient, but happy. And to prove my point on the unit, look at the results. She is a complete … I trust her with anything. His sincerity, honesty, transparency and responsiveness as well as reading this chapter, no! And finally, look at the impact it has on others. It is the epidemic. Instead of complaining about waiting for the service, users enjoy the experience. They bring their forms, properly wrapped and the correct change. His behavior has changed the behavior of others. It has generated a spirit in that position because a role model … not by design, but because that is what it is! And that's a beautiful lesson to absorb, imitate and teach. Excerpts from a new book, "Looking for a Better World." Read more at: Dr. Malkin holds a B.Sc. in Business and an MA and Ph.D. in religion. He has conducted hundreds of visits to schools with a moving and effective motivational presentation, urging teenagers to do their personal best. His mentoring programs have empowered many, many children. Your search for years has been to teach the power of right action, working toward the goal of a better world.