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The Injection

Do not hesitate to ask questions of your doctor if you have any doubts about the vaccine. At the time ukolNe worry. Your excitement and anxiety are transmitted to the child. Be calm and confident – and the child will take shot much easier. Do not worry because you still are worried, just move your excitement in constructive direction. To distract the child (and yourself) – communicate with him, play, sing songs, looking at furnishings, play taken from the home toy. Smile and be affectionate to the child. Read more here: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr..

During the injection the child should be in your hands – so he and you will be comfortable. Let your child cry after the injection. Do not force a child to 'be brave' do not say that crying shame. If the child says that he's in pain – 'vyduyte' pain. Take a deep inhale and slowly 'Blow' pain. Repeat this exercise several times. After being vaccinated in the first 30 minutes after privivkiNe forget and feel free to ask your questions a doctor. Be sure to ask about what and when reaction to the vaccination can occur and when to seek medical help.

Do not rush to leave the clinic or medical center. Sit for 20-30 minutes near the office. First, it helps to calm down, in Secondly – to quickly provide assistance in case of immediate allergic reactions to the vaccine. If the child is breastfed – give him the breast, it will help him calm down. If a child old enough, make him happy by some nice surprise, reward him with something, praise. Tell him that everything is in order. Upon returning home after the vaccination if vaccination with DTP vaccine, if the doctor was not instructed otherwise, give your child a dose of (a candle or syrup), antipyretic. This will avoid unpleasant reactions that occur during the first hours after inoculation.

Nannying Positions

Nanny or governess today – it's totally normal thing. But in the Soviet period we had to lose the culture and communication skills coming into our house assistants. On what parameters should be chosen a baby sitter? How to behave when dealing with it? Tips given by professionals. First, before looking for a nanny with the right to determine the schedule. If you have read about Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For nurses, which would work all week, for example, 12 hours, more practical fixed payment. Ultimately payment of babysitting per hour will be lower than for the person who will take the child into the pool, for example.

Must not forget to specify whether the nurse, if necessary, to work overtime. AND Be prepared in advance to ensure that the most likely, it will not permanently stay on the job. In this case, if you often find yourself in traffic jams on the way home – the nurse can simply leave. This unpleasant event could happen in the middle of the week. Be sure to draw up a contract with a future nurse, you must specify which passport details of the nurse, contact numbers, the amount of wages per month and the amount of overtime hours, work schedule, but this should be very detailed (!) to paint the duty nurse. Responsibilities also will depend on the age of your child. I nurse the baby to a year, a child under three years and preschoolers, in most cases, they are different. Infant Nanny for a newborn have to have experience with infants, it is desirable that it have a medical education, possessed the necessary skills, but also could provide first aid kid. At the interview you can ask a question about what actions it will take if the child, such as choke. Presence own child at nurse – not a guarantee that you have with her general view of the child care.