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No Event

Now you have to touch on issues related to the causes of diabetes. Diabetes insulin-dependent diabetes often develops at a young age. But this does not mean that the first type of diabetes develops only in children. The disease may begin in the adult. You have to understand that diabetes does not develop from eating too much sweet, stress, overwork and similar reasons. One of the main theories explaining cause of diabetes is the theory associated with viral infection and genetic predisposition.

When the virus enters the body, the body's immune system detects an alien material and begins to produce antibodies, which have to destroy these viruses. But for some hereditary characteristics of immunity, after all viruses will be destroyed, there is no 'off' defenses the body and continue to produce antibodies. It starts with the attack on the body's own cells. In the case of diabetes, the first type these cells are the cells of the pancreas. The ones that produce weight loss, itching, slow healing of wounds, etc. However, cell death is not instantaneous, although its speed may not be the same in different patients.

Which – while still living cells managing to cope with demand the virus in the body, until such time as you have any symptoms of diabetes, is sometimes a long time. During this period in your life can happen different, including adverse events, that the development of your diabetes had no effect, but were psychologically very important. We should not bind the origin and development of diabetes with these factors – even if it did not happen in my life No Event – diabetes still could not appear. The role of heredity. Remember, that inherited not the diabetes, but only the predisposition to it. That is, even if there is a predisposition, diabetes diabetes may not develop. Many patients with a second type of diabetes suggest that since both families were ill with diabetes in adulthood, and then they 'God himself told' and get rid of their disease, they do not able. This is not a correct view. A great many people whose parents were in middle age patients with diabetes of the second type, do not have the disease, because they retain a healthy body weight. Diabetes does not manifest itself ever, if you try to maintain body weight is normal. And when the first type of diabetes is inherited not the diabetes, but only a predisposition to it. That is, even if none of the relatives of the sick he had no diabetes, each of his parents may have in their genotype gene predisposing to the development of diabetes. This does not mean that all children in the family will be suffering from diabetes. Most likely, all other children ill with diabetes only, while the other remained healthy. So even if the genotype of the human gene predisposing to diabetes, the disease may never occur if people do not meet specific virus.

Ebonite Miracle Massager

In medicine is well-known method electrotherapeutic impact ebonite. Ebonite electrified by friction and positive charges are formed Biopotential. Biocurrents develops and body. A stream of bio-currents which acts on the sore spot. According to Dean Ornish M.D, who has experience with these questions. That is, when sliding hard rubber on the body in the superficial tissues are the natural negative charge of static electricity, which activate the action currents that stimulate the trophic cell function. Ebony (Greek ebenos – ebony) – is unique in its material properties. Massager from it does not absorb liquid, butter, cream, sweat and bacteria.

Simple washing with soap and water 'disinfect' ebony massage for the next use. But of course, not only those properties are the basis of selection for the production of hard rubber massagers it. Let us consider the medicinal properties of ebonite ebonite Massage is known to belong to class insulators (materials which do not allow an electric current), resulting in friction and keeps it accumulates an electric charge. Because of this, the friction of the skin massager ebony arise The following effects: 1. The surface temperature of the skin increases due to physical properties of friction. 2. Electrostatic charge accumulates on the skin as well as on the surface of the massager ebony. Fast discharge electricity near the skin causes the ionized the surrounding air.

Ionized particles are high energy, which is transmitted to the human body after the collision of their skin. As a result, the thermal energy is transferred in the subcutaneous tissues and even into the muscle tissue. 3. The presence of an electric charge on the surface of the skin leads to a weak electromagnetic field. Thanks to the conductivity of the human body (based on current electrolyte) is a phenomenon of induction. Thus, even the internal organs have increased useful temperature. The cumulative result of these three effects increases the blood and lymph flow in the contact with the human body ebony. Additional thermal effect is caused by the presence of a magnetic flux in the blood and lymph, which also makes its own contribution to the overall healing effect of massage with hard rubber. In Unlike wood, plastic and other synthetic materials, which warms only the surface of the skin (due to friction), Ebony produces prolonged warming on the surface of the skin and the tissues inside the body. Except addition, none of these materials do not ionize the air friction, and this is an added advantage in choosing massagers.

Field Alcoholism

Imagine what will make the patient has long lived in fear, when reasons causing fear no more (the action of the drug would be weakened). Almost 100% of it falls through a deep soak. There are two basic directions in the treatment of alcoholism: pharmacological and psychotherapeutic. We do not consider here is another area of the field of occultism: a white and black magic, witches and other evil forces and friendly, as quite frivolous. How to choose the right direction in choosing the treatments? It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

First and foremost, we need to do (the way it applies not only to treatment of alcoholism, but also to treat any other disease) – to determine which type of disease and what it caused. Verbatim the definition of alcoholism: alcohol – caused by alcohol abuse chronic mental disorder characterized by a pathological addiction to alcohol and associated with physical and mental effects of alcohol intoxication increasing severity. The conclusion suggests itself if it is a mental illness and the treatment should be psychotherapy, if it was viral, bacterial, fungal, etc. disease methodology would have to be medicated. I do not deny the importance of medication effects of alcohol (intoxication organism), but it impacts the very cause of the disease cure medical methods can not by definition. Why do you think all the hospitals involved in medical treatment of alcoholism, in mandatory warning that the main guarantee of successful treatment is a strong desire to grow out of drinking and manifested with willpower? It is simply to absolve themselves of responsibility for the consequences of treatment.

Gene Lindermanom

Treatment of influenza natural way even large doses of vitamin C is not toxic for both adults and children alike. Unfortunately, this is not about anti-drugs of the last generation. The ideal amount of vitamin C in any cold – as long as the stomach would allow. Start with 3 grams at a time, followed by 1 gram per hour and, if there was diarrhea, reduce the dose by half – if not double it. Be sure to take vitamin C 1000 mg in one capsule (preferably with low acidity) Manufacturers of vitamin C in 1000 are usually found in Western countries. Substantially the form of the substance (eg sodium ascorbate with riboperinom and vitamin C), which allow you to take more without harm to the stomach. But not much better than the usual ascorbic acid – many people find it too sour, and in this case, sodium ascorbate would be very out of place. It is always useful to have on hand a supply of preparation in case the epidemic of influenza.

Take 100 grams of vitamin C for several days until symptoms disappear disease. Official site: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. If it does not help, consult a doctor with a request to prescribe intravenous injections absorbate sodium. In the fight against infection the most important thing – to prevent its development in the body, before starting to maintain their immunity. I take 2 grams of vitamin C daily, and if the swine flu epidemic expands, increasing the dose to 4 g approximately every 6 hours, and amplifying the effect of daily intake of zinc and selenium. The virus enters the cells by punching tiny needles of the wall formed by a substance called hemagglutinin. According to Research virologa Madeleine Mumchuoglu working with Dr. Gene Lindermanom who discovered interferon, elderberry extract attached to this needle and not allow them to pierce the membrane of cells. "It was the first discovery," says the doctor, "Later, I found proof that this berry is struggling with colds and other means." With the help of controlled experiment double anonymity she studied the effect exerted by an extract elderberry, called sambukolom for people who have been diagnosed with one of the many varieties of flu.

The results of this experiment, published in 1995, reported significant relief of symptoms – fever, cough, muscle pain – 20% of patients within 24 hours, and 73% within 48 hours. After 3 days, 90% of the subjects got rid of cold symptoms, while a group of people taking a placebo, to recovery took at least 6 days. In the next experiment, the same type of recovery time was reduced to 4 days, which was an additional good indicator. I would also recommended to make sure that your body enough vitamin D. Studies conducted earlier this year involving 19 000 people and published in Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that at low levels of this vitamin is the probability of contracting respiratory infection is 40% higher than in normal content. Vitamin D is produced in skin cells by exposure to sunlight, and therefore in the fall and winter days, the level usually falls. Most experts recommend taking it for at least 30 micrograms per day – stay under the sun for half an hour, oily fish for dinner three times a week and half a dozen eggs will make a daily dose of 15 micrograms, and the remainder I fill up with daily supplements of multivitamins. Although most of these contain only 5 g, which is not compliant with the latest medical standards. Auto Angelica Markuass site owner Lose Weight Forever

Russian ENT

What we bury? It is important to understand that to choose the right drug for the successful treatment can only physician in the clinic. However, if a person is self-guided nasal among a huge number of funds it only helps the doctor choose the right tool. The most famous and accessible of modern drugs from a cold – it protivotechnye vasoconstrictor drugs, or simply drops and sprays. Their diversity in pharmacy shelves is quite large, but almost all are based on the same components – which, incidentally, not all are suitable. Take most of the drops and sprays are recommended no more than five days – this alert How to drugs.

Otherwise, people at risk to acquire additional illnesses, compared with which the cold will seem a trifle hardly noticeable. The reason for this – the so-called 'addiction' to the drug, in by which cold becomes chronic and can lead to complications, including sinusitis, sinusitis, etc. But the thing that drops in the treatment of drug entering the mucosa and subsequent removal of edema prevents the increased amount of mucus in the nose – or, in other words, the usual snot. The tool simply runs over them in the nose, do not bring little relief. At gunpoint – snot order to remove excess mucus with the mucosa, there is a proven procedure for centuries – washing of the nose.

Today it can take almost any clinic, where the nasal douche called 'cuckoo'. Rinsing the nose eliminates swelling of the mucous membranes and dryness, removes the muco-purulent discharge and crusts. And most importantly, provide better access to other drugs to the mucosa – if necessary. That is, after washing with traditional drop could be freely affect the entire nasal cavity and to penetrate into places that are due to accumulation of mucus was readily available. However, there is a problem – in the hospital this method is quite time-consuming, inconvenient for the patient, and not to the same everybody can afford. So today, many patients try to hold his own at home, using table salt, plain water, etc. The result of this treatment is a chronic runny nose and all sorts of complications, since it is very far from its 'sick' counterpart. Nose washed – about the cold forgot to professional home washing the nose a few years ago in Novosibirsk, a set of 'Dolphin'. He includes a convenient bottle and metered-dose packets of a particular solution. Composition of the funds 'Dolphin' isotonic – that is, close to the natural body fluids of man. This makes the wash procedure painless, eliminates side effects, and therefore can be used an unlimited time, including children and pregnant women. The principle of the 'Dolphin' is a person at a time washes each nostril. Wash liquid completely fills one half of the nose along the length of the nasal passages, nasal passages and washes it follows from the opposite half. Moreover, entering the nasal cavity, it causes a reflex rise of the soft palate which covers the nose and throat. As a result, the liquid does not fall into other respiratory organs, and, pouring back, drags the mucus, bacteria, allergens and dust particles. Today, washing the nose with 'Dolphin' support the majority of Russian ENT doctors, as clinical trials have confirmed that the nasal douche significantly speeds recovery – after cleaning the nose drops used several times more efficient. Finally, it is an excellent preventative measure, and one of the main ways to protect the nose – the most important defense mechanism of the human body.

IndoTibetan Healing Method

The secret of the Indo – Tibetan Healing. – Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA tell us: How does your treatment? – The Secret of the Indo-Tibetan method consists in saturating the body of the missing energy, we obtain that it become effective to deal with illness. When the human body is weakened (as in the present circumstances it occurs in almost everyone), its different systems start to work with the crash. For example, lack of energy in the heart – having heart disease. If you suffer from immune system, there may be any viral infection. I direct the energy in the region where the shortage, and after a certain number of sessions of the body begins work recover, and he begins to work almost as well as before the illness. First of all, I restore work immunity, because the very immune system in the body responsible for the production of protective energy, and when the system restored at the expense of recovering the entire body.

– Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA, and where you take this energy? – This energy produces my body during pranayama (breathing exercises), then I it accumulates in the abdomen. And so, although I eat very little, I always have a belly. This to some extent learn a lot every yogi. – Now there are many healers who also allegedly treat patients with their energy, reykisty all, psychics, bioenergety … – … if this is, of course, not charlatans, these people often just get sick themselves, taking on the illness of another person.

Saturn OIL

Stand before a mirror and looking in his eyes, rub oil into the body. OIL 3 drops Frankincense DEDICATION 3 drops Myrrh 1 drop Sandalwood is used in ceremonies of initiation the mystic and to enhance spirituality. OIL 'Come to me' 5 drops patchouli 1 drop of cinnamon in order to attract the ideal partner mix these oils on the basis of olive oil, rub in a white candle, representing, respectively, male or female form, light, accompanying those actions rendered. OIL OF MENTAL FORCE 5 drops of lemon grass 1 drop Yarrow For increase mental energy, especially when working with rune stones, quartz spheres, etc. E OIL CANCER 4 drops of sorghum (palmarosa), 1 drop of chamomile 1 drop Yarrow use to increase their own energy. FISH OIL 3 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops sandalwood 1 drop jasmine Use to increase his own power. OIL 'Sabbath' ( 1) 3 drops Frankincense 2 drops Myrrh 2 drops Sandalwood 1 drop Orange 1 drop of lemon is added to with olive oil and applied to the Wiccan Sabbat. OIL 'Sabbath' ( 2) 2 drops Pine 1 drop Ginger 1 drop Cinnamon 1 drop Sandalwood on any oil-based.

OIL 'Sabbath' ( 3) 1 teaspoon of incense powder 1 tsp. myrrh powder 1 tsp. dewy incense powder Combine 1 / 4 cup olive oil. Slowly heat on low heat until the resin is not mixed with oil. Cool and apply on Wiccan Sabbat. OIL Saturn (planetary) 4 drops Cypress 2 drops patchouli 1 a drop of myrrh for the eradication of bad habits, as well as search the house, to create a mystery around himself, in anticipation of transactions and in other spheres of influence of Saturn.

Phrase Experiment

This means that what you are buying is a good enough quality, i.e. that it is pure enough to use in chemical reactions, analysis and physical experiments. These are the unique varieties of mixtures and supplies you will want to provide your laboratory. Can use as reagents properly? Given the wide variety of experiments and compounds that are used in them, it is difficult to determine the proper way to use each of them.The basic rule here is to take care to carefully read the instructions for the experiment that is to be performed. Take the time to really study what is doing and what you want to achieve. Pay special attention to the names of the substances with which it is working, since a tiny mistake may cost more than the entire experiment; It can be dangerous. In addition, carefully observe the method in which the experiment progresses with the portions that uses. All these steps will ensure that the experiment will yield the correct and safe results.

Where reagents locate? The first thing you must do is examine what will be the phases that run. This will let you know what reagents required and where start to locate locations to obtain reactive chemistry laboratory. Start with a search online using the phrase reagents for laboratory and then it can continue limiting the search by the reactive model that wants to. Be sure to choose the maximum grades since this signals a great distinction in the result of your experiment as well as the convenience of obtaining such a result. Do you want to research chemicals? We are manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory reagents. Visit us: laboratory of chemical reagents.