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Prestigious European Award

Noted for their ekologchnost, the ability to combine elements of old and new, perfectly in harmony with the environment three Czech buildings were nominated for the prestigious award of the European Union's modern architecture. Czech Chamber of Architects has put forward the nomination Sluakov Center for Environmental Education in over Moravia, the new building sob Bank in Prague 5 and the capital hotel "Metropol" in the city center. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is often quoted as being for or against this. Czech Chamber Architects said that the buildings are made at a high enough level to be presented the world community. Projects will be able to demonstrate awareness of Czech architects on the latest events and the mood in this area, and will be able to attest to their ability to compete with other representatives of Europe. Objects are by no means a random choice, Sluakov last year received Prize of the Czech architectural community, sob building was named the Czech Republic in 2007, and received the Grand Prix of the Czech architectural community in 2008, the Hotel Metropole was awarded Building of the Year 2008. The aim of premium Mies van der Rohe named after the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, to maintain quality of architecture, to show its role in the formation of European society and culture.

The award was established in cooperation with the European Commission and the Stock Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona. According to the Mission of the Czech Republic it is a good application for Czech architects. In addition, it is a chance to test their strength in competition with the best, the strongest of the rest of Europe.

Prague Stars

The main distinguishing feature of the hotel on the water – 'boatel' is that it is located on the water, there is no barge or ship, it was originally constructed on the water hotel, has all the advantages of craft. It differs also in that it is located on the waterfront, near the missing car and any other motion, no noise, exhaust fumes and grinding the morning tram. All Prague boatel can be confidently ranked as a decent and relatively inexpensive type of accommodation that can accommodate tourists, but as each vessel, a perpetual parking lot, he was not destined to travel with you along shores of Prague. To his dignity, of course, include the fact that, during floods, or rather frequent flooding in Prague, on waking, you will not see floating on the number of your shoes and suitcases, Botel has a design, which it raises above the water, as water would not rise, despite the fact that no power on it will not budge, then you are, together, slippers, in Hamburg did not sail. Hostels in Prague, have a two-star or three, but often it also happens that a board can safely lay claim to four, and for another board and the two stars will be an unaffordable luxury. Not all hostels stars do exist, but their absence does not mean poor board, rather speaks of thrift owner, or that the host star values are not attached to him and his good name more important than the stars.