Summer Freshness Without The Noise Of Bombs – Cycling In The Fontane



For the Bombodrom Kyritzer Heath in July 2009 after the panting a whole region. The organizers of cycling holidays mecklenburg wraps the adjacent Ruppiner Switzerland for the first time in his program. Creativity in planning was required to experience the beauty of this landscape on navigable due to wheel walkers. The individual tour, which combines the most impressive Lakes and landscapes of this area completely organized headlines of the Muritz in the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Bomb throwing and holiday cannot be reconciled just. The crippling paralysis of the past 17 years has left traces in the development of tourist infrastructure of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. The future is positive: without bombs noise recreation and Summer freshness at can connect ancient traditions. The ruppiner see Switzerland South of Rheinsberg is a stunningly beautiful landscape, which enchanted not only Frederick the great or Theodor Fontane. (A valuable related resource: Hania Rani). Binenwalde, Raine, Tornow Lake – time seems to have stopped. The King of Prussia is here his love affair have taken if he bathed in the crystal-clear and turquoise shimmering lime Lake, who knows. The Inviolacy of nature has to do also with the thin settlement. Serenity is the cyclists, perfect cycle paths are hard to find. But a landscape, which acts on all the senses. With the week-long tour of Lake Muritz are in the Margraviate of Brandenburg “succeeded the organizer with the wild, romantic beauty of the Ruppin land to connect the expanse of the Mecklenburg Lake District. The peace and quiet of the Woods, the shady narrow paths and the crystal clear water will leave a lasting impression. Away from the large tourist flows, you can discover a land that far more than a century summer resort unimpressed has survived. The cyclist at the end of the journey not unlike going to as Fontane: who wants to say when he wanders through the ruppiner see Switzerland, where your most powerful spell “.” More information/press contact: cycling holidays mecklenburg R. Tetmeyer wheel travel for individuals most Track 6 19386 Kreien Tel.: + 49 (38733) 229816 fax: + 49 (38733) 29023 Internet: email: about wheel travel mecklenburg cycling holidays mecklenburg is a special operator for individual cycling. This year’s program includes over 30 additional individual wheel travel offers. cycling holidays mecklenburg has worked since 2001. The high quality of service and the adaptability of the travel to the needs of the guest set standards in terms of individual travel. From the planning to the Organization and carrying out everything in one hand is located. Guests can expect a comprehensive service: selectable arrival flexibility in the duration of the trip, beautiful and exceptional hotels and luggage transport, useful and interesting additional services, comprehensive travel documentation with mostly private maps, & of course tested routes. In the program are up to the Mecklenburg cycling tours, site wheel travel and track cycling holidays by the Baltic Sea Lake plateau and the Northern Brandenburg. cycling holidays mecklenburg sees itself as a natural Organizer and loves more the quiet as the loud sounds. Therefore, the cyclists with the current itinerary can discover areas that are slightly off the tourist track. cycling holidays mecklenburg has an extensive Internet presence, which contains also information on land and people. Who holds dear in the hands of the special offer, which requests the current catalog directly from the organiser.