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Suffering and Disease

All this is because – like or is recognized by the science – any type of suffering or disease that takes place in the human being, is reflected in a first place in the changes produced in the points and radiant fluxes of the affected person, later to see itself reflected in the matter. Of this form, we will be able to observe like as a result of these imbalances, the luminance emanation is pronounced with certain colors of greater force or than they predominate on the others, which allows to identify the type of disease and organs that are patients, when being these colors located in the same. But not only he owns medical utilities, also it can be used to know if the state of a person is altered, if it lies, or if it does not profess as much love as it says to have by his pair, and it is possible to know it through the coloration the dawn, that will be altered, with respect to its normal state. Thus by means of the Kirlian camera, the continuous control of the human dawn is possible, and therefore to know with exactitude its evolutionary state, in its different facets: spiritual, emotional and physical. This is thus, because the coloration of the dawn is not permanent, that is to say, is modified according to the state of intention of the person, reason why a certain color at a certain time, for example the violet, would not indicate that the person at issue is highly high at spiritual level, but, that its intention is undergoing important changes with respect to the spiritual subject. Of this form it is as a pursuit in all the different levels from the human dawn can be done, to the power to compare through the photography Kirlian, the different shades from the color of the dawn.

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