Solar Roof



The environmentally friendly energy from the power of the Sun is still on the rise. The rising oil and gas prices to escape and for reasons of environmental protection renewable energies are now widely used above all solar installations in Germany. Solar modules are now striking roof detail and must convince so aesthetically. Experts of, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing know that more aesthetics and technology in modern solar systems not in conflict and educate about the a design factor “a solar system. Solar installation on any roof-possible solar systems, no matter whether solar thermal or photovoltaic, can basically every building and every refurbishment into consideration drawn. To integrate the solar system into the roof as inconspicuous as possible, there are different ways in the different fro Stelllern.

Who covers his roof with slate, roof tiles, or tiles, you can choose the so-called in-roof Variant. The solar modules are not on, but instead of the roof covering is attached. Visually a straight deck image arises. Cancer Research understands that this is vital information. In addition, material can be saved in this version and the solar system offers a reduced attack surface for wind load. By experts relating to in-roof photovoltaic systems out there, choose systems that have a built-in ventilation of the module. Otherwise there is a danger that too much heat is the solar modules and decreases the yield as a result especially in the summer months. Optical illusion”with matching color choice is another way to integrate solar modules, as inconspicuous as possible the choice of colour of the covering.

Slate (link to: roofing/slate/slate exclusively and representative in color and form roof ideas from slate /) and metal offer in Slate Grey and grey blue by nature a similar colour scheme, like solar panels, roof tiles and roof tiles can be helped up with a corresponding surface, engobe or glaze in a matching colour. Furthermore, solar modules can in size and Form are modeled after popular roof Windows and act as an optical illusion”. The solar system of many zinc roofs, however, is completely invisible (link to: roofing/zinc/zinc accents out zinc /). Thanks to an intelligent system, the solar register provide heat for the hot water heating or heating under the zinc cladding are attached and heated on the heat development of the zinc panels. So, not only the direct force of the Sun’s rays, but also the General warmth of the air can be used to produce energy. Who would like to install a solar system on its own house roof and in doing so places value on an unobtrusive, harmonious integration of the modules, the latest systems of from well-known manufacturers offer all possibilities. The extra tip of the experts: many manufacturers of roofing offer also solar systems. So that they can guarantee an optimal tuning of systems technically how visually.