Six-Day War



Main article: The Six-Day War was an armed conflict in the Middle East in 1967. Warned by the withdrawal of the Blue Helmets of the border of Sinai, the blockade of the Straits of Tiran and troop movements in Egypt, Syria and Jordan across the border, next to the concentration of Iraqi units and Kuwaiti and other Arab countries, Israel decided to go on the offensive which was to avert an imminent assault and attacked Egypt. While the Arab media promised the destruction and annihilation of the entire Israeli population, back to the fore the memories of the Shoah, was questioned by other sources, after which the Arabs were actually attacking Israel.
During the conflict, Israel conquered Egypt the Sinai Peninsula to the Suez Canal, started after a plan of colonization of the peninsula. In 1973, Egypt recovered the east bank of the Canal during the Yom Kippur war of call, while Israeli troops recovered from the initial surprise, crossed the Canal, stopping at 101 kilometers from the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Following this action lightning, Egypt was the only (besides Jordan) Arabic country to sign peace with Israel, formalized in the peace accords at Camp David, that most important result was the return of the Sinai Peninsula (except for the Strip Gaza), the recognition of the State of Israel from Egypt, and the establishment of diplomatic relations first between Israel and one of its 4 neighbors, including the exchange of ambassadors.
Also during the 1967 war Israel conquer the territories of West Bank with East Jerusalem, then under Jordanian administration, as well as occupy the Golan Heights, Syrian territory. In October 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, Syrian forces attacked Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, while Egypt was fighting along the Suez Canal. Following the first conquests Syria, Israel expelled the Syrians from the Golan Heights and advance up to 32 kilometers of Damascus. Following the ceasefire agreement signed between Syria and Israel in May 1974, established a demilitarized zone between Syrian and Israeli positions. Israel joined the Golan Heights to its administrative system in 1981 in the Northern District, but has not formally annexed.
Given the high population density of Arabic throughout the territories, Israel’s annexation never supportive of them (except East Jerusalem), maintaining its military presence to the present.

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Analysts are similar White House meeting Monday between President Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a new pair of the first dance. The duo was …
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Israel has moved with a plan for the expansion of a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, an official said yesterday, pursuing a project U.S. has condemned as an obstacle to peace efforts.
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( The European Union is to support groups working for the Palestinian Authority control of historic Jerusalem, NGO Monitor reported Tuesday. Groups such as B’Tselem and Ir Amim that apparently promote coexistence are involved in promoting the PA position, says the report.
May 18 (Bloomberg) – President Barack Obama relies on Iran for some six decades of diplomacy havent: forging a regional Mideast peace that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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