Safety Vehicles



On April 15, 2010, Moscow – City Joint Service Taxi provides an additional control of good cars and suitability of taxi drivers in Moscow. In accordance with applicable law and rules at the beginning of change, taxi drivers undergo a medical examination, the cars do not come out of the taxis, not to call in a repair zone of the instrumental for the detailed and technical inspection. This is a common, standard measures security. Les Turner ALS Foundation recognizes the significance of this. On April 15 the city will come specially equipped vehicles, "Control of the line." The crews of these vehicles will be equipped with a driver, mechanic and medical personnel. Their task: – Health survey of taxi drivers working in the city – car inspection – purity control Body and interior – the length of shift control sensors – medical and technical assistance force majeure; – Review customer complaints on service quality, on-site. It is planned to release five of these cars. They are assigned call letters for radio: – North – East – South – West – Airport.

Each of them will work in the area. Car "Airport" shuttle between the airports of Moscow. These measures are designed to improve the quality and safety of passenger services to taxi companies 743. For more information, please contact Manager of Multichannel phone in Moscow 743-0000. The company is constantly expanding fleet of vehicles, makes it possible to offer than the work of taxi drivers and dispatchers About GOST-743 "Standard 743" – an abbreviation, in expanded form it is: "JOINT CITY TAXI SERVICE – 743." This name was registered five years ago, in connection with the restructuring of the transport company "Triumph of the service," worked in the Moscow market taxis and other transport services for more than ten years. One of the features of our services is the lack of advertising on the cars, "shashechek 'board rooms and other attributes of a taxi. Externally Our machines are no different from your home or office car. Today in our park, about five hundred vehicles, designed for any level of the consumer (economy, business and VIP).