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What we bury? It is important to understand that to choose the right drug for the successful treatment can only physician in the clinic. However, if a person is self-guided nasal among a huge number of funds it only helps the doctor choose the right tool. The most famous and accessible of modern drugs from a cold – it protivotechnye vasoconstrictor drugs, or simply drops and sprays. Their diversity in pharmacy shelves is quite large, but almost all are based on the same components – which, incidentally, not all are suitable. Take most of the drops and sprays are recommended no more than five days – this alert How to drugs.

Otherwise, people at risk to acquire additional illnesses, compared with which the cold will seem a trifle hardly noticeable. The reason for this – the so-called 'addiction' to the drug, in by which cold becomes chronic and can lead to complications, including sinusitis, sinusitis, etc. But the thing that drops in the treatment of drug entering the mucosa and subsequent removal of edema prevents the increased amount of mucus in the nose – or, in other words, the usual snot. The tool simply runs over them in the nose, do not bring little relief. At gunpoint – snot order to remove excess mucus with the mucosa, there is a proven procedure for centuries – washing of the nose.

Today it can take almost any clinic, where the nasal douche called 'cuckoo'. Rinsing the nose eliminates swelling of the mucous membranes and dryness, removes the muco-purulent discharge and crusts. And most importantly, provide better access to other drugs to the mucosa – if necessary. That is, after washing with traditional drop could be freely affect the entire nasal cavity and to penetrate into places that are due to accumulation of mucus was readily available. However, there is a problem – in the hospital this method is quite time-consuming, inconvenient for the patient, and not to the same everybody can afford. So today, many patients try to hold his own at home, using table salt, plain water, etc. The result of this treatment is a chronic runny nose and all sorts of complications, since it is very far from its 'sick' counterpart. Nose washed – about the cold forgot to professional home washing the nose a few years ago in Novosibirsk, a set of 'Dolphin'. He includes a convenient bottle and metered-dose packets of a particular solution. Composition of the funds 'Dolphin' isotonic – that is, close to the natural body fluids of man. This makes the wash procedure painless, eliminates side effects, and therefore can be used an unlimited time, including children and pregnant women. The principle of the 'Dolphin' is a person at a time washes each nostril. Wash liquid completely fills one half of the nose along the length of the nasal passages, nasal passages and washes it follows from the opposite half. Moreover, entering the nasal cavity, it causes a reflex rise of the soft palate which covers the nose and throat. As a result, the liquid does not fall into other respiratory organs, and, pouring back, drags the mucus, bacteria, allergens and dust particles. Today, washing the nose with 'Dolphin' support the majority of Russian ENT doctors, as clinical trials have confirmed that the nasal douche significantly speeds recovery – after cleaning the nose drops used several times more efficient. Finally, it is an excellent preventative measure, and one of the main ways to protect the nose – the most important defense mechanism of the human body.