Public Health Promotion



Using a methodology of descriptive matrix with bases in cited secondary data in the IBGE, OMS CFESS and SUS, we will approach the importance of the professional of social Service as agent compromised to the emancipation human being come back toward the confrontation of the social matters, brightening up the questions of violence and inaquality to the aged one inside of the health system. WORDS KEY: Health of the aged one, Social Service and SUS 1.INTRODUO When reflecting on the aging we can say that it is a continuous process of reduction of functional reserve of the individual, that normal conditions costuma not to provoke any problem, however, overload conditions some factors cause as, illnesses, accidents and stress emotional. The aging of the Brazilian population has provoked a fast change in the health aspects in which the chronic diseases and factors appear of risk, needing measured preventive character and promotion she is in this scene that we will go to detect the problems and the deficiencies in the health. Such facts imply in the increase the constant search for health services, for the control of chronic illnesses acquired with the increase of the age, internments for drawn out period, leading consequentemente to the increase of great parcels of the public and familiar budget compromising the attendance in the public health and causing negative effect in the health. In accordance with the world-wide report of health in the Pan American Sanitary conferene (1998) says that, the ministry of health has worked in the function to promote the health to the citizen of 60 years and still exhibits the document health of the aged one, whose objective has intention to reach the degree biggest of active life, functional independence and of autonomy of the aged ones.