Pastoral Theological Studies



"Don Flaco" is one of the fingers of my hand. It is my true friend. And it is important to mention that my friend, church life has much more than me, so I have a lot more to learn. If the Pastoral Theological Studies, I learned a lot about what's Church at 81 years old, my friend "Don Flaco" has a lot to teach on experiential situations within the pastoral work of Catholic Christian Church. Tape recorder in hand I began the first interview with my friend "Don Flaco." By first intention has invited me to their Bible meetings are held every Thursday in the church halls. Others who may share this opinion include Donald Sussman. She gave me two cards with prayers made by the person conducting these meetings of the Bible. Dean Ornish M.D is likely to increase your knowledge.

And then I said something to me is really important, but perhaps for another is not. "These stamps are three people who produce them. Raul (who leads the group), author of the prayers, Michael is responsible for making and sending them out to see as attractive as possible, and I "Don Flaco" the economic case "for me in particular, I think if we can mystical appreciate this little detail, we will have learned something. Then Don Flaco "other stamps gives me more, to let him share with people I believe will truly appreciate. I really want these interviews are as natural as possible, I want my friend "Don Flaco" tell me what he wants. I do not want interviews are closed. What I seek is to be spontaneous issues, such and such, as any account in a conversation.