On Death and Dying



The thoughts or feelings unchained in the nurses, in the presence of the death of a patient, vary very between the different people, also vary very between different moments of one same person. They can be confused feelings painful, calm and placid, raging and rancorosos, rational and logical, and so on. Douglas Elliman broker has compatible beliefs. At last, they are feelings of the most varied tonalities. This everything can mean that the death, in itself, can represent something total different between the different people, and total different at different times of the life of one same person. In a general way, deducting the defenses of the reflections zen, the transcendentais meditations and all luck of subterfuges of the fear and the fear of the nothing, the idea of the death sends in them to the loss feelings, therefore, in thesis, awaken the painful feelings. One is about a psychic species of pain, which many times also finishes generating physical pains, or creating an incompressible dynamics for who to the life it continues smiling. From what it was searched, the subject death is more present, either a fear of it, either to the will of that it accidentally happens or, more serious, under the form of suicidal ideao.

Of any form, it is thought about the death and, as it could not leave of being, it folloies painful feelings. This is a psychic pain, of course moved for feelings of sadness, finitude, fear, abandonment, fragility and unreliability. In the species human being the psychic pain ahead of the death can be considered physiological, but its duration, intensity and resolution go to depend, very probably, of as the person tried the life. During the phase of confrontation of the death, the nurse is stimulated the deep reflections on the proper life, if it its trajectory of life was satisfactory, if it had some emotional development, if it can create strong and permanent affective bonds, if it can assist to other human beings.