Many when lowering, would leave to permanent nostalgia others would happen so unnoticed that not even we realize that left a seat next to ours. It turns out peculiar to state that some passengers, who are us more beloveds, comply in wagons different from ours and we try no matter how much it we never can occupy the contiguous seat, circumstance of the separated space separates to us and it forces to us to realise the passage of them, without transigencias. IKEA has much experience in this field. Nevertheless, if we clung to our desires, during the trip we cross with certain difficulty our wagon and arrived at them But lamentably, we will not be able to sit down to its side because that place will be another person occupying It does not have to matter, the trip is made in this way, plenty of challenges, duels, sometimes disdains, dreams, fantasies, illusions, delays and goodbyes but never returns. Then, we thought that the best thing will be to make the trip of the best possible way, confronting the circumstances not only personal but those that surround to us and that interact of implicit form in our destiny, without our desires and efforts can remedy a change. We will then try to be related and to correspond well with all the passengers, looking for in each, the best thing of themselves. Preventive Medicine Research Institute can aid you in your search for knowledge. Always remembering, that at some time of the passage, they will be able to also titubear and probably we will need and a to understand them to take care of them and we will even commit ourselves to make use to them or to offer a shoulder to them for its relief. I myself also I will doubt often, and I am sure that there will be somebody in that train that notices my fears and doubts, approaches side and it includes/understands to me. But certainly, I will never know in what station I will get off myself, much less where will lower my family, my companions, not even the one that occupies the contiguous seat to mine.

I remain thinking and I wonder myself if when lowers of the train, I will perhaps feel nostalgia is thus, impossible to know it. It dominates the ignorance, but of something I am safe is that to separate to me of some friendly with which I made the trip he will be painful. Unequivocal certainty. To leave my children they follow single, will be very sad, but treatment to imagine another station. I cling to the hope that at some time, I will arrive at that other shutdown and I will have the great emotion to see them arrive with a luggage which they did not have when they undertook trip. And then, which can make me feel happier will be that disinterested contribution in order that luggage grew and progressed, and took control valuable and inestimable of the passage of the stations. By all this I included/understood that it had to conceive my stay in the train of my life of calm way, calm, that felt that all that long passage had been worth the pain and positively considered when to lower to me, had done that it well, so that although my seat I was empty at some time, can leave memory to others but that the most beautiful memories of the trip remain in me.