Forbidding fjords, harsh wind, wild nature … This is – Norway. What looks "Russian" soul in the beauty of the stone? Tired of city life, many people want to dive into the world of the lawless and untamed natural forces. All this can be found in the mysterious and beautiful Norway. Many people want to come to this country to feel the spirit of the ancient land of Vikings.

Some want to meet a fairy tale trolls. And especially the untiring adventure dream to find ancient artifacts and treasures of the Celts. In any case, every tourist will take away from this country a piece of its unique beauty and mystery. What a pity that on these adventures with you some matter of weeks! So many interesting things, but how much time to catch anywhere. But still we must not forget about friends and relatives who are eagerly awaiting your return. You do remember that promised to bring a bunch of all sorts of souvenirs and gifts? You certainly can do this: if you depart from the Norwegian airport souvenirs to duty-free shops and nobody would guess that you have spent on the purchase of only fifteen minutes Time for a few hundred dollars. But this is – not the most interesting option. There is another way to buy gifts and promised to obtain for themselves the sea of valuable information.

Surely you've already outlined a plan of activities and trips. Think because you can find a rather unusual things when visiting castles and museums. Let's draw up a plan shopping tour, your tour route, respectively. Well, for starters, as any tourist will visit every capital of Norway – Oslo. Wandering through the streets, from one to the other attractions, of course, you will bypass the souvenir shops. There you can find gifts for all family members. The most common souvenir are the figures of trolls.