Mnica Gazzarrini



This versicle is accurately the way of the Bible and in it discloses an attitude to them that literally divides our life in two: when the world we trusted the words and promises of the men, now Christ exactly, we trust is in God! ' ' It is better to trust Mr. of what to trust homem.' ' Salmo 118:8 The misery, the debts, the unemployment has not accepted more, because the ones that the God loves you are welcome have lack and the ones who pleases the God have all its carried through desires. The Word of God says in them that It, with Its wealth, is who in them supplies in all our necessities, in glory for Christ Jesus! Its conjunct of the Throne of God does not remove more ahead, instead of this, gives action of favours, glad in God for everything what It already made for vocem Christ Jesuse resists the devil and it will run away from you! Conjugal infidelity, fight and separation of spouses are not part of the Plan of God in the life of nobody, therefore God is God of peace and not of conflicts. The body of the husband not it is more than, is of its wife and the body of the woman is not more than it also and yes, of the husband. (A valuable related resource: Cancer Research UK). What God joined, the man does not separate! When the santifica woman if, also santifica it its husband and vice versa! On behalf of Jesus. Its conjunct for peace does not change more and material, affective and sexual accomplishment in its marriage, curses the Satan, frightening it, so that it runs away and runs and he does not come back never more! It is firm in its conjunct and the faith until if it reveals its blessing and not if it more leaves to lead for the conjugal misfortunes, until if it materialize the real fact, that is, the joy, happiness and accomplishment in its home, together with its spouse. It is thankful, since already, independently of its civil state and age, for God already to have granted this full affective conquest to it, through the blood of Jesus! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' ' .