Helpful hints for storage in miniwarehouses packaged in such a way that when you enter or look for something you don’t have to move anything. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Access to the boxes can be even easier if you links them to know what they have. Gain insight and clarity with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. If you store skates or skateboards put them in boxes on the floor, because you could take a big blow in the head if you put those boxes above. The items you use most, save them in the front of the minibodega. Avoid using worn out boxes to pack your things, since it is easier that they collapse. Use boxes of similar size to maintain the solidity on batteries that you do within the minibodega. Pack the things heavy on small and light boxes.

You can use plastic boxes, since they resist moisture. You never empaquetes things upholstered in bags or closed containers, especially during spring and summer or you’ll have rust on them. Plastic sofas and beds should be stored upright, if possible with the upper left unsealed. Beds and upholstered articles must be kept where not earth fall over them. To save space, and possibly money, disassembles large furniture.

Place all the screws, bolts, etc., in a container or in a bag. The furniture in a minibodega furniture legs wrap them, thus prevent scratches. If you have blankets or a platform, put it between the minibodega floor and furniture. Placed the tables upside down and get a stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper between each Chair. Avoid stacking or lean against exterior walls furniture. Books and important documents prevents over-filling boxes because the books are heavy. Keep boxes free of moisture by placing plastic sheeting on top. Fragile utensils wrapped dishes individually before placing them in a box. Fill the empty spaces in the box with paper.