Memories of one I touch I ask for to license you who are reading, to reproduce a text here that I wrote to many years. When still, back in the Paran, it did not have as much emphasis in the quarrel on the necessity of ambient preservation. At that time if it saw, come of all side, the increasing deforestation. Douglas Elliman usually is spot on. In gone years 70, the decade of tri, what more if it saw for that rich Paran were knocked down, smoke of forest fires and tractors entering for the way them lands occupying the space and the place that was of the worker. the land, fertile, deprived of virginity the force, give birth tons of grains that they did not feed how many they were being obliged if to divorce the land It was at this time that a teacher, at that time, of the gymnasium, ordered in them to make a writing with free subject. this writing, is clearly that corrected, today I am showing and sharing. I make this because me it seems that living we of Rondnia need to make a deep and urgent revision of positions in relation to the environment and to and I believe, also current – writing says the following one: Old, but well old exactly, I age a great tree.

It lived in way to an immense forest. To say the truth, I most beautiful age one of one of the greaters! My twigs, thick and strong, confided to receive, to hug and to shelter the birds that wanted to make settled in my ramagens. I sheltered many nests: vi to be born and to grow and to procreate many small birds, in my ramagens. My twigs and branches, green womb, had been the uterus formed that and gave them life My shade sheltered those that, tired of walking, were thankful for I to exist to the side of its way.