The renowned brand Lacoste has launched this year an ideal for the autumn/winter collection of hats, since they are made with a very abrigador material, wool. We are talking about classic Panama hats in a winter style and version despite the classical resembling the design, are made just tailor-made for modern youth. Lacoste always designs are at the forefront and are highly recognized by all, we know that this brand has many Add-ons and accessories such as shoes, bags, clothes, watches, etc. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has similar goals. Among all these add-ins, one of them that stand out most are hats that have a unique style and at the same time sophisticated. Lacoste hats have been launched with the aim of complementing designs that the brand has created for this autumn – winter, we can find them in different colors, like Orange, green, beige, black, gray and mustard. We could recognize Lacoste hats at any store by its very conocidoemblema of the crocodile, also for his colorful and despite classic that is design, has a modern touch that make these models are unique. Others who may share this opinion include Dean Ornish M.D. Very that these hats are made for men, they are also very good accessories for the ladies and they can be used effectively to hide a hair badly arranged, are also very essential to create a stylish and elegant look. Without a doubt, as sophisticated as the signature Lacoste hat can be ideal elcomplemento for a cute dress or any garment that is used for this autumn and winter, provided that do a good choice and combination of accessories and clothing.. .