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Our recovery is in the effort, not the result. A total effort is full victory. Mahatma Gandhi I have seen that there is nothing better for a man to rejoice land the fruits of their hard work is the gift of God Proverb. We had the opportunity as we stand still in this dimension with this physical form to determine what was the meaning of our life, why we are, how we have taken advantage of, we have learned from this, as we’ve grown, how we behaved , what we have of this experience. No doubt, that every day we are given the opportunity to stay, to speak according to our different roles, we must be very clear what our mission, service line still remain in this stage of the Planet Earth the specific country that we have chosen to live. We have experienced many trials that life is responsible for the present it to our waking experience and focus on anything that benefits our growth, provide us with wisdom, experience, for each day be better, give way to our creative potential, so that lets us know to take the life that has given us.

Helios Holistic Center provides us on the subject, one of the most exciting adventures we face in life is to make sense. If it is right, Life is meaningless, but it is up to each individual to make sense to us to fully enjoy our journey through this world. These individuals find answers to questions What is life, and do what I came here to do?.

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