Hiding Skin Flaws



In previous articles we have spoken on the importance of cosmetics of camouflage for people who suffer pathologies in the skin, which cause inconvenience to live its social life with total normality. One is acne, like of soriasis until rosaceous, vitligo, angiomas or the necessity to cover a tattoo. Independent of the sex of the patient. The maquillaje applied with aerografa is really the tool that will allow the individual to shine an impeccable skin and of light sensation. Although, in Argentina one is occurring to know time for a short time.

In North America it is a technique very recommended by dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons to be used in cases of alterations of the skin and even post-surgery. For being the technique of more hygienic maquillaje of camouflage (the product happens directly from its original package to the skin). The skin is not touched by brushes, nor sponges, consequently there is no rubbing possibility that lifts the temperature of the skin it sensitizes and it still more. Products of texture ultralight that, does not occlude pores and allows to breathe to the skin. The formulas used for camouflage are resistant to the rubbing, long play (approximately 18hs, according to the product mark used for face application and up to 5 days in body), resistant to the water and hipoalergnicas. They dry when making contact with enemy with the skin, is not necessary to apply no type of locking device.

The result is the one of an impeccable skin and a happy patient by being able to comfortably carry out its social life and with total normality. The formulation of the product of maquillaje to be aerografiado is extremely micronizado. Imagnese a smooth mist with million micro small points that are leaned on the skin and merging with the tone of the same to form a fine layer.