Healthy Orchard



Did you finally decide to grow your own vegetables at home? Because it won’t come you wrong that you follow the following tips. Fertilize the Earth every four or six weeks. Water plants only when the ground is dry and you need it. Experts recommend that you do deeply two or three times a week, where non-rainy season. Keep in mind that watering plants in excess leads to the development of insects and diseases. Use chip or mulch (organic compound of small pieces of wood, leaves, paper, newspaper, etc.) to prevent weed growth.

In the nursery of your town should sell this type of compound that can also be synthetic as black plastic that is ideal for heating the Earth, especially if it have seeded tomatoes, eggplant or other vegetables in warm temperatures. Some vegetables such as tomatoes require special structures (wires, fences, trellises, etc.) to sustain itself. Where notes insects in your vegetables, try to identify which bugs is about and use the least toxic pesticide that you find to combat the problem. Don’t forget to read the label of the product and trafficking that is special for vegetable groceries. No can you identify the type of insect that wants you to spoil your garden? Simply take a sample (can be a worksheet, some vegetables, etc.) the problem to your local nursery. Sure that there you will miss a hand.