Health Professionals



In accordance with Bruna Marturelli Mattos, the professionals of the health area possess important participation in the direction to inform and to give clarifications to these families, as well as stimulating the bond with the child. Being thus, the form of attendance to these children has that to be made of humanizada a with priority form and more, using of affection, affection thus getting one feedback, a more positive reply for the development of children with SD. The envolvement the familiar insertion is of utmost importance for the development of carrying children of SD, but for this the parents have that only auxiliary to teach its children to execute its daily functions and not to make it for it. Then, the precocious stimulation is indispensable for the global development of the carrying child of SD, improving the processes of whitewashing and motor learning of these children. As he was described throughout the article, the fisioterapia uses of some mechanisms to be implanted in the treatment of the child with Down, being its main effect in the neuropsicomotor development. Activities that they express resulted satisfactory seen in the Equoterapia and Pilates, where improvements in what incindem its influences mainly provoking it says respect to the muscular force, position, march, motor coordination and balance. Being the main equoterapia the responsible one for this improvement, a great interaction of the child and the horse thus facilitating in the treatment. According to Winnicott, cited for Danielki (2006) the horse is a facilitador object of new experiences, making possible the formation of affective bonds. Then thus the Fisioterapia possesss an armory, a fan of options that will go to result in some benefits to these carriers, improvements these essentials since a simple mannering change to a complex and long stage of the motor development. as if treating to a genetic condition, thus giving a irreversible characteristic thus becoming all the restricted actions an edge, that is, to one has limited, on the basis of this the Fisioterapia comes to add to contribute for one better well-being of the child with SD, and to facilitate and to reduce its limits, being thus provided one better quality of life, auto-esteem and up to one better social interaction.