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NULL means price stability, the real target of the European Central Bank ECB, but also 2% inflation, thus halving the purchasing power every 35 years, still considered ‘stable’. (Here are some numbers games for the statistics: we all know the statistical average values of (Gauss’sche distribution curve): 5 + 3 + 4 = 12 (characteristic values): 3 (number of values) = 4 (arithmetic mean) so arise such as statistical 1.3 children per family (statement, nominal (qualitative variable) feature) or 2.4 goals per game (statement, nominal (qualitative variable) feature). No one needs to know the individual values here. (Modal value: most frequent value;) As we know the median (central value): 6 8 3 7 10 23 2 7 = central value note: selecting the type of the Statistical Center (arithmetic average or central value) affects the definition of statistics and a discussion, for example, depending on your interests: a doctor earns in the year 50 000 or 100 000? The harmonic mean, for example, for speeds: someone goes to a 600 km-long trail with 150 km/h (4 hours) and back with 120 km/h (5 hours). 1200 km / 9 h = 133,33 mph, 150 km/h + 120 km/h = 270 km/h: 2 = right rides = 135 km/h (arithmetic mean) = false if health insurance contributions increased by 0.6%, this refers to 0.6% of the gross salary not on the health insurance contribution. Such as 13% to 13.6% = 4%. When is insurance taxes from 5% to 7% increase, this 40% are not 2%! Quelle/(C) by Prof.

Walter Kramer: understand statistics, ISBN 3-593-36149-3 the EU statistical agency Eurostat reported that the inflation rate was 2.0%, in Germany 0.9% in the euro area. According to statistics, prices in Germany have risen so slightly. But fit messages from a discount craze in the German retail trade? The secret of the contradiction between a subjective perception more declining prices and the supposedly objective rising prices lies in the manner in which the rate of inflation: in this calculation discounts and special items will fail. If so, the retail realised all prices through rebates and special items, so this is a general price reduction, this not reflected in the official inflation rate but. In publications and discussions, we always encounter statistics, the importance of which seem to be clear to all. And yet their numbers, on closer inspection, can be been abused manipulative. Or they are completely inadequate to describe the assumed facts.

Trust is good, control is better. (W. I. Lenin)