According to the conclusions of the report, 20% of respondents intend to buy an e-reader this year. 8% Already own an eReader. The most interesting highlights of the study are the percentages because of the established classification of readers. When it comes to callers eager readers – those who read more than 5 books a month, 42% is already thinking about buying an e-reader this year. 9% Already has one. 7% Intend to buy an iPad. By contrast, 42% has not planned purchase a reading support this year.

In terms of active readers – those who read between 1 and 5 books per month – 24% is thinking of buying an eReader; 9% already owned and 8% is thinking about buying an iPad this year, compared to 58% that is not yet decided to do so. When it comes to casual readers – people who read a book every two months – the percentages are lower than in other groups, except when it comes to iPad. For this group, 13% are thinking of buying an e-reader and the 7% already has one; 11% are thinking of buying an iPad this year, while 69% it seems that even not interested do with no support. The study raised an interesting question: is it important to know how to handle an eReader before buying it? 82% Of avid readers answered Yes and 18% said that no, compared to 78% of active readers who responded “Yes” and 22% that answered with a no. Casual readers, 69% said yes and 31% answered that do not. The conclusions seem logical insofar as data on the transformation of habits of reading and the increasing trend towards accessing cultural content in digital format considerably increase year after year. Taken from: Cultural communication original author and source of the article