Diet Treatments



A person does not get fat of a day for the other. The process to raise of weight has been many years of bad habits during which the obese one could not, did not try or it did not want to revert his situation. The more weight gains, the more difficult is to make the decision and to return to the starting point, since our organism is adapted to this distressing situation and physical and psychological problems are added that take to us to continue suffering. When the person feels that no longer she can continue in that situation because its body does not respond as it wants, because it feels shame or by other reasons it is that it decides to look for a solution but what he does not know is that its mind him can play some traps to make stop it. After the initial enthusiasm, it is common that they appear the first excuses and the fears before which will come. The patient does not know how she will be able to live being skinny, the obesity has served as excuse hide-and-seek to him and to feel outside the society, reason why to become thin implies to expose itself so what is risking to be criticized by its true I and not only by his physical appearance. Before these fears it is normal that the patient resorts to excuses for to make trap in the plan to go down of weight in an attempt to sabotage his own profits. Desire to leave the treatment usually is in favor advance of ideas and attitudes expose that it: the obese patient can lie about which she eats, to look for excuses to justify the faults in the treatment, to lie to the relatives and friendly about which it can or not eat, etc.

If these attitudes do not control the patient in time can leave the treatment. If one were next even to be realised a bariatrica surgery it can delay the operation or cancel it completely. Summary: To face these situations is normal in any treatment to become thin and it does not have to take the blame if at some time it regrets, but must remember why You made the decision to lower of weight. When one feels uncertain requests aid to his relatives and conver it with its doctor. A bad decision will put in risk its health and is better not to waste time. A greeting, Vernal Hctor original Author and source of article.