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Thus as successful experiences arose as the network from the health (Infomed) that puts into the hands of the doctors of the Island the information necessary for its continuous overcoming and the spaces to manage the knowledge in line, from the interchange of experiences and information. They have also appeared informative networks and vestibules for the intellectuals and artists (Cubarte) or networks for investigators and professionals generally in different branches from science, the production or the services. Of that form the limited financial and technological resources are put based on the vital interests of the country and the possibilities that Internet offers and, generally, the use of the Tics favors all the population and not only to those who are connected to the networks. Thus the lady of the third age that never has sat down in front of a computer benefits through her doctor, than he obtains by means of the network Infomed digitalis, or the boy new born who is vaccinated free of charge against 13 diseases in his first year of life is receiving the benefits of the information that the scientists obtained in the interchange with colleagues of other parts of the world or acceding to the expensive knowledge bases. Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor. He is spoken much and he judges himself to us with much assiduity, without considering that almost the totality of the university students has their own mail and access to Internet. However, to them, like a many doctors, artists, scientists, investigators, journalists and other professionals, this resource is given to them totally free, or subsidized by the State, for the sake of which with the knowledge acquired and shared through the network of networks they contribute to the social development. Something similar happens to those who attend the 600 Young Club scattered by all the Cuban geography, from which she is acceded to Internet and she is taught to place contents in this, under the formula of which is so important in the virtual world to give like receiving. .

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