Community Court Treaties



It is the obligation of the manufacturer or importer that all items to be sold, incorporated those marks or, where appropriate, the plates or tags. It is the responsibility of the retailer inexcusable control of these brands on all products you purchase and they are covered by the relevant invoices and like the products on display at the store comply with such requirements. The inspection task is empowered to check the marks and bills require all items to be sold or exhibited in his shop for consumers. The retailer is responsible to the consumer and authorities of the suitability of the product under the law .- Seal of Quality (DESIGN, SIZE AND INFORMATION REQUIRED) AND OTHER RELEVANT MATTERS .- For more complete information Royal Decree 197/1988 of 22 February by approving the Regulation of Law 17/1985, of July 1 on precious metal objects and subsequent amendments. People such as muscular biopsy would likely agree. Community Court Treaties establishing the European Communities.

Cash receipt / BILL .- ANY ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY CAN CHECK THE MERITS OF THE MERCHANDISE, check the bill or cash receipt REQUIREMENTS .- The cash receipt cash receipt documents are substitutes for bills where the amount of operation is less 3000 with VAT included. It allows ticketing cash when entrepreneurs sell to final consumers. The cash receipt document is also required product warranty except in cases where it is mandatory to provide written warranties. For its validity must be: 1 .- Number and, if appropriate, series. (The series can occur when there are several establishments). 2 .- Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the issuer.