Building Materials



Due to the material structure and properties of the fiber, staple fiber products URSA have a number of desired properties – high insulating ability light weight, effective sound insulation in construction and the best sound absorption. The company provides many options for efficient thermal insulation and soundproofing, and we are talking about the plasticity and elasticity of materials, ease of installation, environmental and fire safety. It's not all good qualities of the material, after all, this company has materials for all customer needs. It has developed a system that works like clockwork, and no customer not remain without attention and demanded the material. Choose a company URSA, and you will not regret it.

Putty . Dry mixes putty exist for different surfaces, for many bases (gypsum, Cement +), with different properties and different colors. It is needed for high-end correction of brick, concrete and stucco ceilings to seal the joints between the gypsum sheets. There is a filler wall in the dry plants. For such fillers are used all the flat surfaces of mineral materials, aligned surfaces, as well as plaster of bases may also be sprayed on the ceilings of the porous fibrous material. But if you need a filler for finishing, then this worked. It is used in dry conditions, not suitable for wet areas, so that you can not apply a filler in saunas, bathrooms and showers. But must be found and water-resistant finish, cement based putty for ceilings in buildings. Do not forget that you can get different shades of putty that will fit into your decor.