BAV Collective Agreement



The employer is future (pharmacist / in) from the 1.1.2012 obliged an employer-funded pension to pay its workers the employer-funded occupational pension agreement for Pharmacy staff (bAV – collective agreement for Pharmacy staff) 01.01.2012 done deal is at. Basically, each pharmacy employee to the existing right to deferred compensation, a right to an employer-funded pension (bAV) has at this point. This employer-financed retirement for Pharmacy staff depends on the hours of work in a week. Employer premiums: 27.50 monthly employer’s share (> 30Std./week) 22.50 monthly employer’s share (> 20Std./week) 15.00 monthly employer’s share (> 10/week) 10.00 monthly employer’s share (< 10/week) 10.00 monthly employer expenses for trainees to Pharmaceutical commercial employees to these contributions is basically every pharmacy owner obliged his in the collective agreement set content end to pay workers. Workers who receive an employer-funded pension according to the collective agreement of the bAV for pharmacy employees: pharmacist / internal pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA) pharmaceutical commercial employee (PCA) trainees in the field of PCA (after the trial period) (diploma) pharmaceutical engineers pharmacy assistants, consultants and technicians power of workers of the possibility of deferred use, he receives in addition to the above-mentioned employer supply, an additional Arbeitgeberzuschluss, in the amount of saved social security contributions on the converted amount by 20%. A discontinued of the funding ceiling of 3 No. 63 ITA is not provided.

The implementation and realization of this right demands must be made by direct insurance. All other implementation methods of for occupational retirement provision cannot be used to for the implementation of the bAV collective agreement for pharmacy employees. There is immediate vesting for the promised benefits. A promotion of the Riester was excluded for employer-funded collective agreement. In the implementation of the bAV collective agreement, it is important to use the right remuneration conversion agreement (intervention in the employment contract), since a wrong definition of the contract is null and void, and they were obliged as an employer by the collective agreement, however. Act now and find out. Do not wait until the legislature as an employer from the 1.1.2012 to forcing you and you are confronted with strong side effects. The A.S.

Assekuranz service GmbH currently nationwide events on the topic of bAV – collective agreement for Pharmacy staff performs. We show you the right way you zertifizerte experts in the company pension scheme and member of the aba, as an employer and your staff. A.S. Assekuranz service GmbH Oliver Velleman certified expert for the operational Pension independent insurance broker Ludwig-Thoma-str. 11a 82031 Grunwald is not tax or legal advice.