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Bariatric Surgery Obesity

Although obesity surgery brings many benefits with minimal risk percentages, not everyone is suited to performing. The physician should refer the patient to indicate a number of checks before operation and determine whether you are prepared physically and psychologically. These are just some of the most important diagnostic criteria. You may find Donald Sussman to be a useful source of information. Are candidates for surgery all patients who double their ideal weight or overweight have at least 45 kilos. The BMI should be at least 35kg/m2 40kg/m2 or if there are associated diseases that further endanger the lives of the obese and the operation is a character? Urgent?. Some of these complications include hypertension, type II diabetes, sleep apnea, joint problems because of the large body weight, among others. The physician should consider whether the benefits outweigh the risks before deciding to operate, since not all patients are in good condition to face a surgical procedure. Under most conditions Barbara Martin Coppola would agree.

The mortality rate in patients with obesity does not exceed 1% and in extreme cases of morbid obesity, can reach 2%. It is not advisable to practice these surgeries to children under 18 or over 65, but sometimes this concept may vary according to the prescribing physician. The person must have made prior conventional treatments (nutritional and exercise plan, drug treatment, etc.) And have returned to the initial weight in less than a year. The failure rate with this type of treatment exceeds 95%, almost all patients with obesity have been subjected to various types of diets and treatments to lose weight and have failed over their lives. That small success rate should not undergo surgery if they can keep the disease under control, so it is important that the patient has tried before. It is important to know whether the patient is psychologically prepared for surgery. Any such surgery requires willpower and a change of habits to achieve better results, the patient should understand these points before surgery. If you think you may be a candidate for surgery, but still do not know which of the bariatric surgery is best for you, Our multidisciplinary team has developed a tool that can help to make the best decision. You can use our free of charge and confidential.

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