Aesthetic Dentistry



Dentstica, also known as aesthetic odontologia is a branch of the odontologia that acts in the cosmetic area and of dental restoration. Its enters some treatments offered for professionals of this specialty, will cite some known: Dental Clareamento: aesthetic technique, made in odontolgicas clinics or with one forms simpler caretaker, of clarear teeth. Gengival Peeling: treatment that eliminates spots of teeth. Aesthetic Facetas and restorations: treatment for darkened teeth or badly formed. Source: Professor Roy Taylor. The main focus of the Dentstica as if can see is the aesthetic one, despite the tooth restoration also is an important measure for the individual health, since the permanence of carieses can cause problems of some levels, beyond creating problems in the chew of foods. The Dentstica also searches the types of dental preparations and makes the relation of the restoring materials with the dental structure and the remaining portion of the organism, becoming possible the surgeon-dentist to restore of direct or indirect form aesthetic and the function of engaged teeth. For who if it interests in knowing more on this important odontolgica area, the city of Bauru, in the interior of So Paulo, comes more growing each time as reference for its appraised Institutions of Superior Education, specialized in the Odontolgica area. also, for who lives in the region, the options of clinics and dentists in Bauru are of excellent quality and professionalism..