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IndoTibetan Healing Method

The secret of the Indo – Tibetan Healing. – Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA tell us: How does your treatment? – The Secret of the Indo-Tibetan method consists in saturating the body of the missing energy, we obtain that it become effective to deal with illness. When the human body is weakened (as in the present circumstances it occurs in almost everyone), its different systems start to work with the crash. For example, lack of energy in the heart – having heart disease. If you suffer from immune system, there may be any viral infection. I direct the energy in the region where the shortage, and after a certain number of sessions of the body begins work recover, and he begins to work almost as well as before the illness. First of all, I restore work immunity, because the very immune system in the body responsible for the production of protective energy, and when the system restored at the expense of recovering the entire body.

– Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA, and where you take this energy? – This energy produces my body during pranayama (breathing exercises), then I it accumulates in the abdomen. And so, although I eat very little, I always have a belly. This to some extent learn a lot every yogi. – Now there are many healers who also allegedly treat patients with their energy, reykisty all, psychics, bioenergety … – … if this is, of course, not charlatans, these people often just get sick themselves, taking on the illness of another person.

Less Drugs And More Yoga

In an excellent article, Prophet spoke recently of what essential is to include practices such as Yoga and their equivalents, and in turn explained to us something of how deal with this practice. Prophet is a respected teacher of Yoga in Europe and once told a Conference in France on the usefulness of this millennial discipline in moods, for which we introduced a little on the issue of substances in the body. Today I want to speak briefly of this wisdom, which is quite basic in life and literally vital to it. The first thing to know is that drugs, legal eilegales, in any format (already we see are), they are not an invention or a genius of a person, but that rather they are substances that manage to imitate or emulate the effect of our body’s own substance. When we drink alcohol, or when we smoke that calms us, we are setting aside and weakening the substance that is already in our body and is able to do the same for our mood, but much better, stronger, and healthier. Have you understood? If smoke by smoke, ok, no, there is much what tell you. But if you eat anything because that makes you feel better, then think twice.

This perhaps is one of the last chances you have of reversing it. Who can understand this principle, you can live healthy: your body has drugs inside! And you can use them, because they are healthy and are legal. Forget the pills and concentrate on better breathing and using your abdomen. You’ll see how this activates serotonin pathways and you feel much better. Do you want to do something valuable with the next hour? Studies on the internet what are endorphins and get. You’ll be surprised very positively. Endorphins (do not forget to delve into this topic, that may be your salvation) are the hormones of happiness.

By that, when someone returns from doing sport is generally more relaxed, in a better mood, and not need to consume drugs (any of them) with so much despair. This is a secret that is worth gold, so worry by give its value. Become an expert in your body and you will see that you will never have to use other substance again, not even alcohol. Practice something, exercise, Yoga, bodybuilding, swimming.

Southern Europe

Wild rabbit refers to the order Lagomorpha. It is considered the birthplace of Southern Europe. On the territory of Ukraine introduced at the end of the last century. Body length – up to 40 cm and live weight – 1.5-2 kg, is painted in dark gray with a reddish tinge cysts, low abdomen lighter. In southern areas, while settling for worthless lands wild rabbit can become an ordinary hunting-fishing species, dramatically increasing the biological productivity of hunting grounds. However, the desire a high number in a limited area almost without exception, the surplus population often leads to erosion and loss of forage established colonies. Wild rabbits prefer to inhabit open areas land – prairie ravines, small copses, while not avoiding the vicinity of human habitation. Colonies live in burrows, readily settle in the quarries, the stacks of straw man arranged shelters and other shelters.

Reproduction wild rabbit starts in March (3 – 4 litters of 3-7 rabbits). A female gives birth to a year on average, 15-20 rabbits. The gestation period 28-30 days, the rabbits are born naked and blind. Milk feeding lasts up to a month. Mortality young is high, especially in rainy seasons. Mature rabbits are aged less than one year, some specimens to 5-6 months, but more often involved in breeding the following spring.

Feed the rabbits away from the hole and not go under slightest danger hidden in it. Not run very fast, but nimble, following trails. Life activity of rabbits can be seen at any time of day, but the greatest activity in them is at dusk.