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The obesity is becoming one of the main causes of disease and death in the world. With majors levels of she brings back to consciousness created by average forms and electronic, people are more and more conscious of the dangers and the threats raised by the excess of weight. Besides the will to improve our aspect, she has caused that people have desire to thin fast belly. Nevertheless, desire to have a healthy body must be the driving force of the people to lose weight in excess. There are several forms associated with the lost one of corporal weight that include after a good plan of diet and exercise.

Also it is the diet pill use that has demonstrated that they help some people, but this usually is dangerous due to the associated indirect effect with the use of these pills. The loss of natural weight is very recommendable since it will make the healthiest person and without indirect effect. Next you have some of the healthful ways to thin belly quickly. The first step is to have a plan of loss of realistic weight. It is important to develop a plan that will help organizarte of a way that will help you to lose weight. In this plan, the goals are attainable is due to establish to avoid the loss of heart.

The plan must include schedules of the meals, type of nutritional regime for the consumption and the exercise. The second step supposes the elimination of rich saturated fat foods and the excess of calories of fat. In addition, it is essential to avoid foods process? and instead of centrarte in foods with high fiber content, such as the products of grain whole number, vegetables and fruits. In order to obtain this, it is possible to be assumed that your plate has four parts.

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Mountain time presents the ExtremSportFilmNacht 2011/12 eight stunning movies, with fire-current material from around the world and from domestic production, can experience close quarters with extreme athletes their fears, emotions and moments of happiness you. In full HD and up to 50 m big screen an unforgettable evening of film is guaranteed over 120 minutes. The program attracts enthusiastic athletes in its width every outdoor. No matter whether it is by kayak, ski, bike through the spektulare landscape or whether we hold your breath at the shown climbing tours, the passion of the protagonists simply visitors to film inspires. “Films are shown on the ESFN 2011/12: in search of the journey continues after the FLUssGOTT”: the latest adventure of the German world class kayaking filmmaker Olaf Obsommer.

It shows the perfect Wild River with clean lines in the stunning landscape of Mexico. NOUVELLE VAGUE”: the first Strassenkletter film of all time was filmed in Geneva, boasts unique Bouldersequenzen. ON LINE KITE FLYING FOR large”: an Austrian production scene shows breathtaking impressions of the Snowkite in the border region of Switzerland, Italy and Austria. THE ASGARD PROJECT”: one of the highlights of this year’s tour. A film with impressive and stunning images of the English expedition on Mt. Asgard on Baffin Island in the Arctic. TOWERS OF THE ENNEDI”: Mark Synnott and heat in Chad’s Ennedi desert biting James Pearson, unique rock formations, Alex Honnold, unknown landscapes a real adventure that will inspire not only climbing friends.

“” AFTER DARK “and TELEVISION”: get all skiers just in time for the beginning of winter at their own expense. Two brand new US ski films, that guaranteed tear each of the stool with breathtaking runs and jumps. ORTLER-X”: in the latest German film will for the first time the mighty Ortler defeated diaphoretic for bikers and spectators! There are tickets for all events immediately below: esfn.html imprint: Mountain time GmbH of Tolzer str. 131 83607 Holzkirchen online: