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David Hume

In relation to the morality and the religion in the man, HUME (2005, P. 118) affirms that, duties that a man fulfills as friend or as father seem to simply mention to its benfeito or its children, and it cannot lack to these duties without breaching all the bonds of the nature and the morality. One strong inclination can stimulate it cumpriz them. A feeling of order and moral obligation joins its force to the force of these natural bonds, and the man entirely, if he is truily virtuous, it is lead to its duty without any effort or violence. Still in the case of the virtues that are more austere and more dependents of the reflection, as public spirit, the filiar duty, the moderation or the integrity, the moral debtor, as we understand, discards all the pretension to a religious merit; the virtuous behavior is not more what we must to the society or we ourselves. If the religion does not have potentiality to form a morality in the individual, then, what it forms? In accordance with Bayle, is the natural passions that form the morality. As the passions make in them to seduce for things and then we start to desire them, with these desires, make our choices, are bad or good they, however, better for itself. Making reference the Aristotle, the choice is who of the origin to the action, as all action aims at some good, then, choice without reason or moral disposal does not exist..

Change Internal

When we inform you about the law of attraction usually invades us great excitement, because in the movie the secret notes the way to attract great things to our life, more flattering film is observe how easy that is to obtain certain things, but in reality so it works? Yes it does for things that are common to our minds, but when our desire involves a radical change, the truth is that it is not easy that the law of attraction to work us in such cases, because what is not explained here is that for things arise requires an internal change and modify wrong mental patternsi.e. negative beliefs, what they want to observe which can certainly help but is not enough. You can check the power of observation in the following manner: Watch a truck you want to constantly, look at photos, videos, etc., paying close attention, you will notice that the truck you want appears to him constantly, in corners, when going to the supermarket, is at the front in the traffic lights, etc. But what is the big drawback? The problem is that your energy level is enough to look at it but not to create it in your life, why? Because you need to change the internal expectations in order to build appropriate energy levels that allow a change of State and thus create the cart in his life. In the movie the secret for example shows the level of debt of a person, hence he says, will change this by checks that come to me, really works, but it’s that simple, if today you have many debts it is because you have negative beliefs and they are rooted to her being, to change that information has to do a lot of actions to observe different experiences in your life.

In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find the major principles for the operation of positive beliefs and the law of attraction is efficient in your life, read this book you will have in your hands the secrets of internal energy and thus You can create your desires and not simply observe them in others. We must compel the mind to the direction of what we want, the observation of what we just it is an element and many times is not enough, yes producing infallible results is the sensory organization aware, IE use every sense in a timely manner, that procedure is shown in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve successWhen we make a misuse of our conscious mind, then we are moving too slow or just don’t do it, some people are frustrated by what happens them, mainly because they don’t know what is the origin of your situation? This is bad because if we don’t know the cause of a problem then hardly we will arrive to your solution. Once he understands many mysteries of life, that gives you the possibility to take each circumstance in a protagonistic manner and not allow that careless is reached where it is not desired, you are the captain of your ship, so lead it on the path of success and happiness.