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The Dynasty

Domiciano (81-96DC), whose persecution against the Church probably served of cloth-of-deep for the writing the Apocalypse, as encorajamento for the oppressed Christians. Herodes, Great the Romans allowed the vassal native governing existence of Rome, in Palestine. One of them was Herodes the Great one, that it governed the country under the Romans of 37-4AC. The Senate officiates approved it real of Herodes, but it was forced to get the control of Palestine by means of the power of the weapons. 1. The Dynasty of Herodes. Arquelau became etnarca of the Jew, Samria and Idumeia b. Herodes Filipe, tetrarca of the Itreia, Traconites, Gaulanites, Auranites and Bataneia c.

Herodes Antipas, tetrarca of the Galilia and Pereia d. Herodes Agripa I, grandson of Herodes the Great one, executed Tiago and also Peter jailed. Herodes Agripa II, great-grandson of Herodes the Great one, heard Pablo in its self-defense Antecedent in the life of Herodes: it showed to great zeal in its government, eradicating the outlaws who had infiltrated the Galilia. First the 12 years (37-25AC) had been expenses in the fight for the power. The seconds twelve years (25-13AC) had been its better years. Last the nine years (13-4AC) if had characterized for the cruelty and bitterness.

The successes of Herodes: it used of much more tato in its attempt of helenizar the Jews, that Antoco Epifanio. With spectacles, games, etc. it gained the loyalty of the young that if had become herodianos. &#039 increased the ortaleza of called Jerusalem; ' Antonia' ' (At: 21: 34). It built the Cesaria (At: 10: 1); 23:23 – 24). It reconstructed the temple of Zorobabel, taking care of not to offend the Jews. It started in 20AC. completing the sanctuary in 18 months and the temple all alone in 64 DC) (Cf.Jo: 2: 20)

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