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Tropical Africa

The basic component of the coffee is the caffein, that approximately represents 2% of the seed. In addition, it contains sugar, cellulose, fats and tannins. With the toasting the composition of the grain modifies very little. The heat destroys sugars, oxidizes fats and makes appear an essence, cafeona, that gives to the infusion its characteristic aroma. The Coffee stimulates the circulation, the breathing and the nervous system and elevates the arterial tension slightly. The fatigue falls, facilitates the psychic work.

Practitioner in the recovery is very from the poisonings by alcohol. It is realised in dry time, taking the mature fruits one by one. In some plantations one hopes to that they fall of the tree and they take shelter of the ground It is used in infusion, from the dry grain, toasting and wet grinding, with many variants in the form to prepare it. Authorities in the matter and students of the history of the coffee they agree in which the plant is native of Africa. It is considered that they were the Arabs removed who it from Abyssinia, (Ethiopia) and they took to Yemen by the port of Mocha (Mocha) Arabia (Asia) through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Adn where they cultivated around the year 575 A.D. The species of coffee that is cultivated more in the world is Arabian Coffea L. This species has been growing in spontaneous state in the high Ethiopian plateaus in the region of the Lake Tolls. They exist in addition, other commercial species of coffee whose discovery is more recent and than have been observed in wild state in several points of Tropical Africa.

Coffee of Colombia. One is a smooth coffee (also called ” Smooth of Colombia” that Integra coffees not only of Colombia, also of Ecuador, Kenya and Tanzania, which are Arabian washings. Tarrazu coffee of Costa Rica. Of famous the valley of Tarrazu, in the San jOse mountains; The Minita. Huehuetenango coffee of Guatemala. It is cultivated from the 5,000 feet of height in the region of the north. Harrar coffee of Ethiopia of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe coffee of Ethiopia, the city of Yirga Cheffe, in the Sidamo (in Oromia). Hawaiian Kona coffee is cultivated in slopes of Hualalai in Kona in the Great Island of Hawaii. Coffee blue Mountain of Jamaica Of the region of the blue Mountain in Jamaica. Popular My and with a price lifted in the market. Java coffee of the Island of Java, in Indonesia. Coffee Kenya AA of Kenya. The AA of an acid flavor. Coffee Mandheling and Lintong de Sumatra, Mandheling, Indonesia. Coffee Toraja Kalossi de Clebes Crece in great altitudes in the island of Clebes in the archipelago of Malay in Indonesia. Coffee Mocha Yemeni Coffee. It does not have to be confused with coffee with cacao. Peaberry coffee of Tanzania Grows in Monte Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania.

Saturn OIL

Stand before a mirror and looking in his eyes, rub oil into the body. OIL 3 drops Frankincense DEDICATION 3 drops Myrrh 1 drop Sandalwood is used in ceremonies of initiation the mystic and to enhance spirituality. OIL 'Come to me' 5 drops patchouli 1 drop of cinnamon in order to attract the ideal partner mix these oils on the basis of olive oil, rub in a white candle, representing, respectively, male or female form, light, accompanying those actions rendered. OIL OF MENTAL FORCE 5 drops of lemon grass 1 drop Yarrow For increase mental energy, especially when working with rune stones, quartz spheres, etc. E OIL CANCER 4 drops of sorghum (palmarosa), 1 drop of chamomile 1 drop Yarrow use to increase their own energy. FISH OIL 3 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops sandalwood 1 drop jasmine Use to increase his own power. OIL 'Sabbath' ( 1) 3 drops Frankincense 2 drops Myrrh 2 drops Sandalwood 1 drop Orange 1 drop of lemon is added to with olive oil and applied to the Wiccan Sabbat. OIL 'Sabbath' ( 2) 2 drops Pine 1 drop Ginger 1 drop Cinnamon 1 drop Sandalwood on any oil-based.

OIL 'Sabbath' ( 3) 1 teaspoon of incense powder 1 tsp. myrrh powder 1 tsp. dewy incense powder Combine 1 / 4 cup olive oil. Slowly heat on low heat until the resin is not mixed with oil. Cool and apply on Wiccan Sabbat. OIL Saturn (planetary) 4 drops Cypress 2 drops patchouli 1 a drop of myrrh for the eradication of bad habits, as well as search the house, to create a mystery around himself, in anticipation of transactions and in other spheres of influence of Saturn.